Doctor Thara Onchomchant Foundation
For Self-Dependent Health Care


The foundation’s sign is a circle bordered by joining areas of three colors as the components of holistic health care, body, mind and society. At the center is the sign of Yin-Yang. One side has a pictue of pill and syringe meaning western medicine. The other side has a picture of leaf and cauldron meaning Thai medicine. On the center of Yin-Yang is a Thai alphabet “ธ” as the first alphabet of the name of Dr.Thara.

the foundation’s Background


Dr.Thara Onchomchant Fund was founded in July 2000 by Rural Doctors Foundation and Dr.Thara’s friends. Later, it was founded to be a foundation in late 2013
to succeed working for community intention of Dr.Thara.


the foundation’s Purpose
1) To expand Dr.Thara’s working concept in rural people’s life quality development.
2) To continue the activities Dr.Thara had proceeded such as using benefit from information, holistic health care, herb issues, complementary medicine in government’s system and community development for people’s good life quality.
3) To build communicating network and interested groups to share thought, develop and spreading effect together.
4) To have meeting stage in network groups and interested person, annual activities, issues conclusion, connecting activities and fundraising.
5) To support researches about the working concept of Dr.Thara such as Thai style medicine, alternative medicine, sustainable community development etc.


Dr.Thara’s Intention
Dr.Thara had aimed to work for self-dependent health care and intended to do in 4 things as :
1. Holistic Health Care
2. Complementary Medicine in government’s public health care system
3. Sustainable community development for good life quality
– Participation of community in development for good food, good life and happiness
– Building network of sustainable community development
4. Public health personnel’s potentiality development to have the concept of integrated working using database system to develop public health network in community


Doctor Thara Onchomchant Foundation
121/110 Moo 3 Tambon Ban Du, Mueang, Chiang Rai 57000
Telephone : (+66)8-1812-3409
Fax : 053-020-634
E-mail : daraneeo@hotmail.com
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/doctorthara




When.. for Thai to be independent from foreign medicine ? Only Thai people can answer this.
Only Thai people can make this dream come true,
but when.. when.. when?

Because we have “wisdom” to manage natural resources and adapt ourselves to the environment properly, health care is one thing we get from observe, discovery and experiment, accumulated through several ages until it is concluded to be a system of traditional health care that is accordable with the lifestyle in each land.

So, turning back to the local wisdom that still have ability to solve health and sanitary problem with less risk, more save – and the important – “self dependence” – would be a choice that could be adapt into present Thai society and econmy.

Thara Onchomchant



Doctor Thara Onchomchant

Graduated a Bachelor of Medicine from Chiang Mai University in 1982, master degree of planning management and policy of public health from England, was a doctor in Thoeng Hospital, had been a director of Pa Daed Hospital and was the director of Phaya Meng Rai Hospital, Chiang Rai until passed away with a tumor in the brain on April 6, 2000.


Through his lifelong, Dr.Thara dedicated his body, mind and intellectual power to develop rural people’s life quality, spreaded his thought to surrounding people, builded working network in both government and private part, developing pulic health, Thai style medicine and complementary medicine in holistic concept, made effect certainly to the public.
So, Rural Doctors Foundation selected Dr.Thara to be a significant rural doctor in 1993.


Thinking of Dr.Thara,

we would see an image of a small doctor guy who loves reclusion, loves nature, loves surrounding people, brightly smiles, has good spirit, compassion, moral and humbly abases, has plain lifestyle, likes to work in development of Thai style medicine and holistic medicine, likes to work with local people and people in and out of the public health circle to develop knowledge and local wisdom to make good health foe people.

This is the image of Dr.Thara that anyone who knows him could fell similarly.

Dr.Ampon Jindawattana
a counselor of the Ministry of Public Health
June 2000



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